Policy Positions

Today, my new dream is to be elected the next State Senator of Arizona and to GIVE BACK. I will use my legal expertise and common sense to create and change laws in Arizona that will benefit us all and to advance our shared goals of security, opportunity and prosperity.

“Her ability to listen, negotiate, debate and compromise in regard to important issues and laws that impact the lives of people living in Arizona will be extremely valuable.”


Your vote counts more than ever. Today, the division of Senators is 14 Democrats and 17 Republicans. If I am successful and one other Democratic challenger is elected, the Senate will be divided 15–15 between the parties, opening the door to having more progressive legislation considered.

Running as a Democrat in a state and district that has in recent years voted Republican is a challenge, but tides are turning.  I don’t believe Arizona’s Goldwater, McCain and Flake Republicans can be comfortable in the party of Trump and Arpaio.

At the top of my to-do list of legislation will be:

  • Restoring public school funding to pre-recession levels by closing special interest and corporate tax credit loopholes.
  • Changing existing Arizona laws that allow discrimination.
  • Providing for a cleaner environment by expanding renewable energy sources.
  • Creating a more transparent and open state government.

Water Management

As Arizona grows, water is the natural resource that will no doubt have the greatest impact on the state’s future. It’s been 37 years since Arizona passed and implemented the Arizona Groundwater Management Act. It’s past time to revisit that act and plan for the future. With planning, as the state pioneered decades ago, Arizona can continue to have the water resources for future economic growth. Without foresight and planning, our state will face water distribution and supply problems that could make Arizona a risky investment, stifling business growth. Our challenge is to get the public to pay attention to...

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Zero tolerance for Discrimination

Under current Arizona law it is perfectly legal to fire individuals from a job, to deny them housing, or to refuse them service because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). Polling shows a majority of Arizonans support a statewide nondiscrimination law that would create protections for all people. I will lead the effort to change the laws of Arizona that allow discrimination. Many Arizonans assume that nondiscrimination legislation already is in place. But, in fact, that is only true in certain municipalities—Phoenix, Tempe, Flagstaff, Sedona, Chandler and Tucson. Not in Prescott, its surrounding communities, or most of Arizona...

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Public Education Funding

Arizona citizens want to build strong schools not walls. We have a responsibility to work diligently to provide Arizona students with excellent schools by fully funding public education. This will enhance teacher’s pay and provide the tools they need to instruct and develop the children for our future. Our public schools have been defunded by $1.5 billion since 2008, and more than $1 billion is still missing. The lack of funding has negatively impacted our public, district schools the most, resulted in over-crowded classrooms, outdated textbooks and technology, and our teacher wages are still among the lowest in the nation....

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Transparency in Government

I am proud to be running as a clean elections candidate, which means I will not take any money from corporations. I want to represent you without any outside influence from special interests. The government needs to increase transparency by requiring every donor in political campaigns to reveal their identity. This will hold government officials accountable and prevent the influence of special interest groups that work against the public interest.

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Clean Air and the Environment

Let’s move to renewable energy and away from fossil fuels. Arizona has an abundance of sun and solar energy that can be a resource we use to power homes, schools, and businesses without adverse effects on our environment. Anyone who has driven the Interstate 40 corridor across Northern Arizona is familiar with its prevailing winds. But unlike similar areas in other Western states there are few, if any, wind turbine farms across the state. Protecting our environment and preserving our natural resources are necessary to ensure a healthy Arizona future.

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