Water Management


As Arizona grows, water is the natural resource that will no doubt have the greatest impact on the state’s future. It’s been 37 years since Arizona passed and implemented the Arizona Groundwater Management Act. It’s past time to revisit that act and plan for the future. With planning, as the state pioneered decades ago, Arizona can continue to have the water resources for future economic growth.

Without foresight and planning, our state will face water distribution and supply problems that could make Arizona a risky investment, stifling business growth.

Our challenge is to get the public to pay attention to the complex subject of water and to get the various shareholders working for a common good.

Knowing how much water is being used and who has the right to use it are the first steps in effective planning. There are many options to assure we have adequate water to preserve our quality of life. But it will take years of work, beginning with informed decision-making.